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What to expect at your office visit

What to expect at your office visit Physical tests will be done to check your vision, eye movements, pupils, retina (back of your eye), and eye pressure when needed.

In addition, if you are having vision problems, some common questions may be:

  • When did this begin? Did it occur suddenly or gradually?
  • How often does it occur? How long does it last?
  • When does it occur? Evening? Morning?
  • Is the problem in one eye or both eyes?
  • Is your vision blurred, or is there double vision?
  • Do you have blind spots?
  • Are there areas that look black and missing?
  • Is side (peripheral) vision missing?
  • Are halos (circles of light) seen around shiny objects or lights?
  • Do you see flashing lights or zigzag lines?
  • Do you have sensitivity to light?
  • Do stationary objects seem to be moving?
  • Are colors missing? Is it difficult to differentiate colors?
  • Is there pain?
  • Are your eyes crossed? Does one or both of your eyes “drift”?
  • Have you had an injury, infection, allergy symptoms, added stress or anxiety, feelings of depression, fatigue, or headache in the last few weeks to months? Have you been exposed to pollens, wind, sunlight, or chemicals in this time frame? Have you used any new soaps, lotions, or cosmetics?
  • Is your vision better after you rest?
  • Is it better with corrective lenses?
  • Are there other symptoms present like redness, swelling, headache, pain, itching, discharge/drainage, a sense that something is in the eye, increased or decreased tearing, etc.?
  • What medications do you take?
  • Do you have diabetes, or is there a family history of diabetes?

The following tests may be performed:

Treatments depend on the cause. Contact Gordy EyeCare to schedule an eye examination today to find the treatment that is right for you.

Important steps to help prevent eye and vision problems

prevent eye vision problemsRegular eye checkups from an optometrist are important. For the most part eye examinations should be done annually. However, if you are showing early signs of eye problems from diabetes or high blood pressure among other things, more frequent visits may be recommended.

To test for glaucoma, the pressure in your eyes will be measured at some visits. Occasionally you may need to have your eyes dilated to examine the retina for any signs of problems from aging, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

Follow these important steps to help prevent eye and vision problems:

  • Limit how much alcohol you drink.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • Eat foods rich in antioxidants, like green leafy vegetables.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control.
  • Keep your blood sugars under control if you have diabetes.

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