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Gordy EyeCare offers a range of optometric services from comprehensive Eye Examinations to Retinal Imaging and Keratometry. Dr. Gordy also specializes in Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease (allergies, infections, computer vision syndrome, etc) management and treatment. Basic eye exams start at $75.00.

At Gordy EyeCare you will also find a variety of name brand frames such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Nike, Flexon and many more that keep you seeing great and looking good!

So whether you need a basic eye exam or have a serious eye disorder, Gordy EyeCare is here to help.

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Do you have Dry Eyes?

Gordy Eye Care - dry eyesSymptoms of dry eyes include burning, itching, redness, blurred vision, a gritty feeling as if something is in your eye among others.

Although it may seem odd, tearing of the eyes can even be a symptom. However, the tears produced here are known as reflex tears and are not the same as normal tears that are made of water, oil and mucus and help to protect the eyes. Reflex tears are watery and do not provide the elements necessary to lubricate the eyes and maintain proper eye health.

Dry eyes can be referred to as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, keratitis sicca, Xerophthalmia, ocular surface disease and dry eye syndrome.

Causes of dry eye can include, not blinking enough, extended computer use (4 hours or more daily) certain diseases and medications, contact lenses, aging, hormonal factors (especially in women) and laser vision correction and environmental conditions. Although irritating, the good news is that dry eye does not usually cause long-term effects and is commonly treatable without a prescription.  However, it is important to be evaluated by an experienced professional to ensure the correct diagnosis, cause of the condition and determine the appropriate treatment option based on your individual need.

Depending on the severity of your dry eye, treatment options can range from simple eye drops to punctual plugs that block tear drainage. Every moment you are awake you are using your eyes, why go through life feeling uncomfortable?

If you are experiencing any of these symptons, contact Gordy EyeCare to setup your appointment as soon as possible.

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