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Do it yourself eyeglasses - Vision correction may be in your hands

Self Adjusting Eyeglasses are the future

Self Adjusting Eyeglasses are the future

An estimated 670 million people around the world lack access to vision correction and over 100 million children don’t have access to basic eyecare. That number can only be anticipated to grow due to economic conditions, but perhaps in the near future we may have a solution to vision correction.

Oxford University atomic physicist Josh Silver is working on a break through in low-cost, self adjustable lenses, that people could personally adjust without the need of an optometrist. Silver first came upon this project back in 1995 and has steadily made advancements. Today, the lenses are made of two film membranes that are separated by a silicone gel, and can be adjusted by adding or removing liquid with a syringe type tool. The amount of fluid affects the curvature of the lens and the amount of vision correction.

Currently the cost of these lenses are set $19 a pair but Silver hopes to be able to eventually provide the glasses for $1 a pair.

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image credit: Muffet on flickr