Video game has medical purpose

Vision disease testing has a new ally

Vision disease testing has a new ally

Wait a minute parents, could this be? Could there really be a video game out there that actually serves a purpose other than entertainment? Well apparently the answer is, yes there is.

Tariq Aslam, a consultant at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and senior lecturer at the University of Manchester, realized that it was difficult to get children to have a proper eye exam in test for problems such as glaucoma, drug side effects, and other conditions. They could not sit still or respond correctly to get an accurate testing and therefore were being wrongly diagnosed and improperly treated.

He realized that the ideal way to overcome a short attention span and lack of cooperation was to get children involved in playing a computer game, which would automatically measure their peripheral vision depending on exactly how they played.

So far the 17 children age 4 to 14 have participated in the test and early feedback has been positive. Aslam is optimistic for the future and the ability to get this testing to developing countries and the equipment is inexpensive.

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image credit: meddygarnet on flickr

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