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Pictures from Relay for Life Russell County 2010

A big Thank You to everyone who participated in Relay for Life Russell County last Friday night!  It was a tremendous success.  We had an awesome time at the Gordy EyeCare tent and we appreciate each and every one of you who stopped by.  A special congratulations to Michael McMahon and Marla Clark who won the Costa Del Mar sunglasses that were raffled.  Between donations for the sunglass raffle and donations for the Gordy EyeCare Relay for Life t-shirts we were able to raise $354 for RFL Russell County! Relay for Life Russell County is always such a special community event because we are able to unite as a community to support those we know who are battling cancer and remember those who were taken from us due to the deadly disease.  Check out all of our pictures from Relay for Life Russell County 2010 !

Banks and Brody Stamp visiting the Gordy EyeCare tent at RFL Russell County 2010

Banks and Brody Stamp visiting the Gordy EyeCare tent at RFL Russell County 2010

Join Gordy EyeCare at Relay for Life

Relay for Life Russell County is May 7th at 6:00 pm at Garrett Stadium.  Gordy EyeCare has a Relay for Life team and will be there to support our community.

Please come join us as we stand together and make a difference!

Our New Blog is Live!

Our new blog is live. Come visit us often.

Your Eyes

Improving Your Night Vision: Do you have difficulty seeing in the evening or at night? As people age, they are more prone to night vision problems. Although this condition cannot be eliminated completely, improvements are possible.

First, you should have your eyes checked annually. Nearsightedness may become worse in the evening because you have difficulty focusing at a distance. It is very important for your optometrist to prescribe the correct eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Second, you should have an anti-reflective coating on the lens of your glasses. This helps reduce glare and can significantly enhance night vision.

Third, a good diet with lots of vegetables can help improve eyesight. Current research shows that green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, and collard greens can maintain healthy eyes and good vision.

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